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We greatly appreciate all the support we receive from our members and the community at large. Thanks to you we are building the largest community of veterans in Texas. Providing a safe and welcoming place for our veterans to come together, share stories, and help improve one another. We are a community of veterans that seek to serve the greater community, to be what we were trained for in the military, leaders and resources for the betterment of our communities.

Your donation serves to further our mission of community building across the entire organization, but if you'd prefer to have your donation go towards a particular program or activity please click one of the links below to learn more how your donation can accelerate our programming to affect the lives of our members.

Careers Program

Warrior for Life Networking Luncheon

Authentic Career Coaching

Entrepreneur Affinity Group

Oil & Gas Affinity Group

Healthcare Affinity Group

Families Program

Operation Lone Star Santa

Operation Back Pack

Veteran's Month Kick Off

Family Picnics

Clear Lake Pizza Night

Spouses Affinity Group

Moms Affinity Group

Veterans Program

Central Houston Social

Woodlands Social

Pearland Social

Lake Houston Social

Police Affinity Group

LGBT  Affinity Group

Disabled Affinity Group

Weight Lifting Affinity Group

Board Game Affinity Group

Volunteers Program

Community Leaders

Skills Based Volunteers

Call Center

Welcoming Committee




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