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    Q: What job type in Houston would you want us to focus a Warrior for Life professional networking luncheon on SECOND?
    A: Financial Services

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    In 2017 we are working to bring more preparation for our veterans transitioning careers after the military. In order to deliver a high degree of professional development we need to have more time to work with veterans prior to networking with employers. By giving our Warrior for Life luncheons a industry or job domain focus we intend to be able to sign up employers far in advance of an event, which should also allow us to sign up veterans interested in those companies sooner. This will allow us to provide more up front training to include executive coaching, personality testing and assessment, head shots, mock interview training, resume writing workshops, Linked In profile classes, and elevator pitch training. Just to name a few. We want our veterans members to be the best applicants for every job, and to take on the RIGHT career for them and their family.

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    Hi, I wanted to know which employers will be there for the Warrior For Life Luncheon. Thanks!

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    Just made a donation to Lone Star Veterans Association

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    We greatly appreciate all the support we receive from our members and the community at large. Thanks to you we are building the largest community of veterans in Texas. Providing a safe and welcoming place for our veterans to come together, share stories, and help improve one another. We are a community of veterans that seek to serve the greater community, to be what we were trained for in the military, leaders and resources for the betterment of our communities.

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